HVAC Services Are Good for Your Business

HVAC Services Are Good for Your Business

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Your employees want to work in a comfortable environment. Make sure their work environment is consistent no matter what season it is, and call The Lee Thompson Company for commercial HVAC services.

In addition to routine HVAC maintenance and repairs, we also offer many special options that keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Choose from:
  • Computer room units: This specialized A/C unit operates efficiently in a computer room and keeps electrical equipment cool.
  • Rooftop package units: These are specialized for high-heat lobes.
  • Energy management systems: They help control energy costs by providing tools that help you control facilities remotely, reduce energy waste and monitor energy usage.
  • Pneumatic controls/retrofits: Upgrade your older system to one that’s modern and efficient.

We also service reciprocating chillers, air cooled chillers and process chillers. Contact us today to schedule HVAC installation, repairs and more in Houston, TX.

Ask about our special maintenance packages

Routine maintenance will prevent costly future repairs and keep your HVAC unit working efficiently year-round. Call 713-688-6900 to learn about how we can help your business stay comfortable each season.