Do I Need a 2nd AC For My Upstairs?

When are 2 AC Units Better Than 1 for a 2-Story House

do i need 2 acs for a 2nd floor hot upstairs

It’s a common problem, especially in larger multi-story houses. The upstairs floor can’t seem to get cool enough. The 2nd floor is hotter than the rest of the house. You may be asking yourself – Do I need a 2nd AC for my upstairs?

The Lee Thompson Company has been providing professional AC service and installation for the greater Houston area since 1961. We’ve seen every type of cooling problem and situation that can deter a home from being comfortable. While fixing or replacing an old air conditioning system may be a great solution for many, some homeowners will find they need a better solution to cool their own home.

  • You think it’s time to get a larger, more energy-efficient AC system to fix the problem.
  • Or you think that there’s no way to ever properly cool the upstairs of your home.

Do you wonder if your home needs a second air conditioner? We will explore the various signs that a home needs 2 air conditioning systems to adequately cool all the rooms. You will also be able to understand why the benefits of a 2nd air conditioner can mean a lot more than just home comfort.

Why Does Your 2nd Floor Gets So Hot?

It’s basic science: hot air rises. That is the simple reason your upper floors will get warmer than lower floors. This is why you may struggle maintaining the same temperature on different floors. Your one HVAC system must work harder to push cool air up to your second floor.

There are other factors that cause an upper floor to be overly warm. Your roof is absorbing a lot of heat from the sun and that can help heat the floor below it. If you do not have adequate insulation, that can contribute to cooling issues.

Solutions to a Hot Upstairs

Many homeowners who struggle with a hot upstairs often fall into one of these categories:

  • They think it’s time to get a larger, more energy-efficient AC system
  • They believe there are no practical or inexpensive solutions, so they accept having a hot second floor forever.

Solving the problem of a hot upstairs starts with determining what is causing the problem. Is it an issue with your duct work? Do you need better insulation? These are not usually problems homeowners can identify themselves.

Contact Lee Thompson for an analysis of your home’s cooling problems. Our technicians can inspect your home and determine why your 2nd floor is not getting or staying as cool as it should.

Another situation that can cause this problem is an attic renovation. If your home has been renovated to turn your attic into a livable space, chances are you are feeling the heat. Unless you’ve had adjustments made to your home’s HVAC to handle this renovation, your system that was designed for only one floor will not likely provide the comfortable temperature in your new space.

Fortunately, there is another solution, and one that may be more beneficial that you might initially realize. Getting a 2nd air conditioning system installed in your home may be your solution to finding get a comfortable upstairs.

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Considering a 2nd AC Unit for Your 2-Story House

How do you know if your home needs 2 AC units? Here are some things you should consider when determining whether to get a second air conditioning system installed.

Considerations for Air Conditioning Costs

Curious if adding a second AC unit will break the bank compared to upgrading your existing one? Not necessarily. The cost of a second unit might not be as much as you would think. Since this additional unit won’t be cooling your entire home, it will not need to be that large.

A professional Houston HVAC company like the Lee Thompson Company can accurately determine the size of the second unit you require. The specifications of your second-floor area, such as its square footage, will guide the selection of the appropriate AC size.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

Another important factor to consider is your energy bill. How much are you spending each month? Maintaining two AC systems for a two-story house may lead to monthly savings. If you’ve been relying on a single AC system for both floors, you might be overloading it, which can cause poor energy efficiency.

Adjusting the temperature downstairs excessively to cool the upstairs can lead to energy wastage. An additional air conditioner focused on cooling the upstairs will reduce the strain on the primary unit.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Having two air conditioning units gives peace of mind. You will not have as much to worry about if an AC breaks down in the middle of a hot Texas summer. With 2 Acs, if one unit experiences a malfunction, the other will continue to operate.

Although it won’t be able to cool your entire home, this 2nd AC unit will provide some level of comfort until an AC repair technician can resolve the issue on the other one.

Installation Challenges

Where would a second air conditioning unit be located? Installing a second system can present challenges if your home has limited space. It requires suitable locations for both the indoor unit (the evaporator) and the outdoor AC unit (the condenser).

Additionally, the new unit will require separate ductwork from your existing system.

Fixing Hot 2nd Floors Across Houston

These basic steps may address minor cooling issues. If they don’t provide the desired results, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re eager to assess your home’s cooling needs and provide professional HVAC solutions.

Furthermore, we can explore additional options outside of a 2nd AC, such as installing a ductless mini-split system to target specific areas in your home. The Lee Thompson Company provides professional service and installation of a variety of home comfort systems including central AC, ductless mini-split systems as well as indoor air quality and ductwork services.

Reach out to us at 713-766-4846, and we’ll arrange for one of our highly trained AC technicians to diagnose and resolve your home’s cooling challenges. Let us assist you in finding a lasting solution to your upstairs temperature concerns.

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