Ductless Mini Split

Ductless Air Conditioning in Houston and the Surrounding Area

Call The Lee Thompson Co. for ductless AC and heating in Houston. Our professionals can help with installation or replacement of a new ductless mini-split system, can repair a broken ductless AC unit, or provide maintenance for any ductless heat pump. We are complete home comfort specialists in your area.

Contact us today if you want a high-efficiency system like a ductless AC installation. These new systems work to keep your family comfortable in a low cost and environmentally friendly way all year long!

ductless mini split

Ductless Services

  • Ductless AC repair
  • Ductless service and cleaning
  • High-efficiency system
  • Condenser cleaning
  • Indoor air quality
  • Annual maintenance
  • Refrigerant line check
  • Ductless installation
  • Concealed units
  • Wall mounted units
  • Ceiling recessed
  • Wifi / smartphone integration
  • Variable-speed compressor
  • Zone your home
  • Home efficiency
  • Reversing valve
  • Filter replacement

Did you know that ducts may not be necessary for you to enjoy the benefits of central air conditioning and heating? The Lee Thompson Co. partners with Mitsubishi Electric to bring you the best ductless air conditioning possible. These types of systems are popular and are an alternative configuration for many properties.

If you think that your home may benefit with a ductless mini-split system, contact a team member today. Whether your existing mini-split needs repair or you want to upgrade to a new ductless air conditioning system, our experience makes us the right choice for your home comfort needs!

Houston Ductless Mini-Split System Benefits

ductless mini split near windowDuctless mini-split systems operate as both a cooling system as well as a heating system. These are compact units that are mounted inside of your home, unlike a traditional heating and cooling system that has an indoor and outdoor cabinet.

Ductless air conditioning and ductless heat pumps do not use the ductwork in your home, therefore this makes for a much more simple Houston HVAC system.

Advantages Include:

  • Increased space
  • Zone control
  • Increased efficiency

Ductless Heating & Cooling with Mitsubishi Electric

Our HVAC company in Houston is a trusted representative for installing Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems. We are also trained to repair existing Houston Ductless systems if they are not functioning properly. We will ensure to get your repair done quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy the comfort of your home at all times.

We can also provide maintenance on ductless mini split systems in Houston to keep your system operating optimally at all times. Contact Lee today!