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    Ductless Services

    Ductless Services

    • Ductless AC repair
    • Ductless service and cleaning
    • High-efficiency system
    • Condenser cleaning
    • Indoor air quality
    • Annual maintenance
    • Refrigerant line check
    • Ductless installation
    • Concealed units
    • Wall mounted units
    • Ceiling recessed
    • Wifi / smartphone integration
    • Variable-speed compressor
    • Zone your home
    • Home efficiency
    • Reversing valve
    • Filter replacement

    Does your existing HVAC system use ductwork to distribute air around your home? Most people associate ducts with central HVAC systems, but ducts are not always necessary to enjoy the benefits of central air and heating. Mitsubishi ductless systems are swiftly becoming a more common configuration as an alternative for residential properties. If you are interested in installing a mini split ductless system in Houston, or if your existing ductless system requires repairs, The Lee Thompson Co. can help.

    We have more than 50 years of experience in the industry, serving the comfort requirements of customers throughout the area. Contact us today.

    Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Systems

    Ductless systems (or ductless mini splits) are essentially like a heat pump, which means it can work as both a heating system and an air conditioner. This system uses multiple units which are mounted and placed in various parts of the home rather than an indoor and outdoor cabinet like a heat pump. The configuration does not require ductwork, which can greatly simplify your HVAC system.

    A few advantages that a ductless system can offer include:

    • Increased space by removing ductwork
    • Zone control for personalized comfort
    • Increased energy efficiency

    Ductless Mini Split Systems

    Trusted Mitsubishi Ductless Company for Your Cooling & Heating Needs

    Our Houston HVAC company has been trusted time and time again throughout the years by customers in the area for the installation of Mitsubishi ductless systems. We can also handle repair and replacement services if your existing equipment has broken down or is not operating efficiently. Having your system repaired as quickly as possible is essential to returning your home to comfort and ensuring the damage doesn’t worsen. Regular maintenance can also help to improve your system’s efficiency and operation.