Houston Ductwork Solutions

    Ductwork ServicesOne of the biggest reasons that people are not comfortable inside of their homes is due to poorly designed or installed ductwork. If the ductwork of a home is not in good shape, heating and cooling throughout that home is more difficult. The system works harder and loses longevity. The Lee Thompson Co. provides sheet metal fabrication and we can build any ductwork in a quick and efficient manner to modify or even enhance your HVAC system. If you need complete ductwork replacement, we can also help to design and fabricate that system – typically in less than a day. We are experts in ductwork services throughout the Houston area!

    Houston Ductwork Repair

    The team at The Lee Thompson Co. is proud of our ability to provide customized ductwork solutions. We can provide duct repair and duct replacement services in Houston and the surrounding area. If you have leaks within your ductwork that are causing inefficiencies within your HVAC equipment, call us today. With our duct ventilation services, we will help solve the issue and repair or replace your home’s duct system. Need HVAC ductwork in Houston? Call a professional today to schedule a service!

    The Best Houston Duct Repair

    If you have a broken duct or a duct that is leaking, your heating and cooling system may be working overtime to make up for that issue. Damaged ductwork causes contaminated airflow. Repairing damaged ductwork or replacement if necessary is critical if it is causing system issues or health concerns. Call a professional today to learn more if you suspect you may need to repair your home’s ductwork.

    Common Reasons For Duct Repair:

    • Inefficient HVAC system
    • Odors from vents
    • Strange noises
    • Installation of New HVAC Duct Systems

    It is important to make your ductwork a priority as it is the foundation of your HVAC system performance. Over time, the ducts may wear down and may require to be replaced. Duct replacement can help with system efficiency and improved home comfort and home air quality. It can also provide a reduction in air contaminants. The Lee Thompson Co. has experts that can both design and install a new duct system in your home. Call us today to learn more about HVAC ductwork in Houston and the surrounding area.