Houston Gas Furnace Repair & Installation

    Winters in Houston and throughout Texas, while not as brutal as other places, can still be quite cold. You and your family rely on your heating system to keep you comfortable. You depend on your furnace to run consistently all winter and not break down when it gets colder. If you are considering upgrading to a new heating system or your existing heating equipment has stopped working, a gas furnace may be the answer. At The Lee Thompson Co, we are qualified to install, replace, and install all makes and models of gas and electric furnaces.

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    Gas Furnace Services in Houston

    Benefits of Installing a Gas Furnace

    During winter, it is common for energy bills to be much higher than usual. In some cases, you may be tempted to compromise your comfort by lowering the heat. Instead of shivering in your own home or business, you may want to think about installing a gas furnace. Many of our customers have experienced increased comfort without paying a bundle, as gas furnaces are extremely energy efficient.

    A few benefits gas furnaces offer include:

    • Reduced carbon emissions
    • Increased reliability
    • Decreased energy bills
    • Increased efficiency

    Gas Furnace Installations in Houston

    Schedule Gas Furnace Repairs in Houston

    If your gas furnace is acting up or failing to keep you warm and comfortable, you may need to have it inspected by an experienced HVAC technician. You should never attempt to tinker with or fix gas appliances yourself, as it can cause further damage and be extremely hazardous. The Lee Thompson Co’s team has more than 50 years of experience in the field and can provide you with an effective, safe solution to any heating problem you may have.