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Need HVAC services in Bellaire, TX? The Lee Thompson Co. offers the best services in the area for furnace and air conditioning needs, from repairs to installations. We’re experts in our field and maintain an A+ rating as a BBB-accredited business.

Not only are our technicians highly skilled and trained, but they’re also respectful and polite, so you’ll feel comfortable having them in your home. Call us when you want a top-rated HVAC company in Bellaire.


Quick Bellaire Repair HVAC Services

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Keeping your HVAC system working correctly is important for your comfort and safety. A broken furnace during the colder months can cause frozen pipes, which can lead to water damage. Air conditioning that doesn’t work in the summer can leave you in dangerously high temperatures.

When your furnace or air conditioning stops working, you want fast repairs from trusted technicians. The Lee Thompson Co. offers 24-hour emergency service, so you can get quick repairs whenever you need them. No matter what time of day we show up, our technicians get to work carefully while protecting your home with shoe covers, drop cloths and other types of protection.

Our technicians quickly assess the situation to diagnose the problem and come up with solutions. They can typically handle the repairs on the spot to get your system working again.

When should you call for HVAC repairs? Here are some signs:
  • Inefficient airflow from vents
  • Squealing, banging or other noises
  • Complete shutdown
  • Thermostat operation issues
  • Higher power bills
  • Leaks around the unit

Dependable Furnace and AC Installation

Sometimes repairs aren’t enough to keep you comfortable. Older, outdated HVAC systems can have continuous issues or problems that aren’t easily repaired. Even if your system is still working, you might decide to invest in a unit that’s energy-efficient with newer technology to lower your utility bills and keep your home more comfortable.

A new system is a big investment, so we can help you decide if it’s time to replace your equipment with something newer. When you’re ready, we can lay out all your options, including different types of systems. With your budget and needs in mind, our team can help you pick the perfect solution.

We frequently offer special discounts, and you can pay over time with financing options for qualified buyers. The installation process is stress-free for you. We handle all the work, from removing the old equipment to installing the new furnace and air conditioning. Our respectful technicians will take care of your home and clean up when they’re done.

Exceptional Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

As a homeowner, an important part of taking care of your HVAC system is by scheduling yearly maintenance. The Lee Thompson Co. makes it a hassle-free experience. When our technicians perform HVAC maintenance, they look at safety and operational issues.

The checks ensure everything is working safely with no issues with wiring, gas leaks or carbon monoxide to keep your family safe. Tune-ups include inspections of all the components to check for damage and loose parts. Our technicians can tighten things up, clean all the components and lubricate the moving parts to keep everything operating optimally.

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to spot problems early. Our technicians can make repairs if they spot something wrong during the tune-up. Maintaining your equipment keeps it as efficient as possible, which means it can keep up with your heating and cooling demands better and keep your utility costs lower.

It can also make your HVAC system last longer and need fewer repairs to benefit your wallet. If you still have a warranty on the equipment, maintenance might be required to keep the coverage in place.

The Lee Thompson Co. is your one-stop option for HVAC services in Bellaire. Schedule your appointment now.