AC & Heating Service for Channelview Residents

Does your home feel warmer than it should with the air conditioning running? Or maybe your furnace is driving up your utility bills. Subtle hints like noises, smells and poor performance could be your HVAC system’s way of telling you it needs help. Calling for repair HVAC services as soon as you suspect a problem can help you avoid a complete breakdown. Issues are often faster, easier and less expensive to fix when you catch them early.

The Lee Thompson Company has technicians can handle any repair no matter what type of system you have. They’re highly experienced at diagnosing system issues and coming up with solutions to fix them. Our team presents all the repair options and lets you choose. Plus, we offer 24-hour emergency HVAC services for situations where you can’t wait for repairs.


Professional Air Conditioning and Heat Installation

Eventually, you’ll need to replace your furnace and air conditioning system when your equipment is outdated. With such a big investment in your home, you need a trustworthy team to offer advice and guide your decision.

Not sure if you need a new furnace or air conditioner? Here are some signs:
  • Lots of repairs
  • Repairs that are difficult to fix
  • Outdated system
  • Inability to heat and cool effectively
  • Expensive utility bills

Our team looks at your home and evaluates your needs to recommend the best system for you with options including furnaces, heat pumps, central air and mini-splits. We take your budget into account, and we offer special discounts and payment plans to make the new system more affordable.

We make the installation process as stress free as possible. Our team handles all the prep work leading up to installation day. They take care of removing the old system and get rid of it. After carefully installing the new equipment, our technicians teach you how to use your system. They take good care of your home and clean up when they’re done.


Best Furnace and AC Tune-Ups

When it’s time for your yearly tune-up, The Lee Thompson Co. has technicians ready to help. Regular maintenance keeps your system clean, lubricated and working efficiently. Plus, it’s the perfect time to look for potential repair needs that you can handle now before they grow into a massive issue. Maintenance is something that should happen at least once per year even when your system is new or seems to be working fine. The maintenance can prevent things from going wrong.

What’s involved in air conditioning and heating maintenance? The appointment includes a thorough look at your system, inside and out, to make sure everything is in place and working correctly. Our team will look for potential problems, such as loose parts, bad wiring, low refrigerant and damaged parts. They’ll tighten anything that’s loose, from wiring to screws. While they’re working in the unit, they’ll clean up any dirty areas and lubricate the moving parts to cut down on friction and wear. If they notice a problem starting, our technicians will let you know about it and give you options for repairs.

The Lee Thompson Co. is your top pick for HVAC services in Channelview, including repairs, maintenance and installation. Call now to schedule your appointment.