Residential Zoning Systems

    Zoning SystemsWe specialize in zoning to keep your home comfortable in Houston TX.The guaranteed way to solve “too hot” and “too cold” problems!

    Imagine if every time you turned on a light switch, every electrical device in your home came on or if every time you went to wash your hands every faucet, shower, tub and toilet opened up. That would be crazy! So why is it that when you need heating in one room the entire house heats up? Now you can zone your heating and cooling so that you don’t have to heat or cool your entire home when you don’t need to.

    Our home zoning system is specially designed to allow your entire family to be comfortable, regardless of where they are in your home. Now you can divide your home’s ductwork into specific zones that can be controlled independently, whether heating or cooling. Imagine the bedrooms on one zone, the family room on another, and the kitchen on a third. Even better yet, you can finally control that hard to heat and cool addition for which you paid a fortune.

    Efficient & Adjustable Heating & Cooling Solutions

    Are you looking for a new type of heating and cooling system for your home or business? At The Lee Thompson Co, we have more than 50 years of experience in the industry, replacing, repairing, and installing all makes and models of zoned HVAC equipment. We can help you find the right system for your home or commercial property, offering high-quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

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    Zoning System Installation

    Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems

    There are many benefits to choosing zone control, especially if you have certain areas of the home that you prefer to keep warmer or cooler than others. For example, one member of your family may prefer to have their room cold, while you prefer to be warmer. This type of system can help you save energy and tailor the climate in your home to your family’s individual needs.

    A few of the benefits of a zoned HVAC system include:

    • Improved comfort and climate control
    • Reduced energy costs
    • Increased efficiency

    Whether your existing HVAC unit has broken down or you would like to upgrade your outdated system, a zone control system may be the ideal solution. We can ensure you understand how zone control systems work and how they may benefit you.

    Replacement & Installation of Zoned HVAC Systems

    Depending on your preferences and the size of your property, we can customize a zone control system to have as many different zones as you need. Each different area will have its own zone controller and thermostat to help keep you comfortable. Our Houston HVAC technicians are constantly undergoing training to ensure we can offer you the latest and greatest technology.

    Zoned Control System Repair in Houston

    Zoned heating and cooling systems can be quite sensitive, with various different pipes and ducts. If your zoned system has run into problems, you can rely on us to figure out what’s wrong and fix it quickly to maintain comfort.