Temperature Zoning Systems

HVAC Zoning Systems in Houston and the Surrounding Area

Temperature Zoning can help to keep your home comfortable - even in Houston TX!

If you have ever wondered why there are some rooms in your home that heat or cool better than others, you may want to consider a temperature zoning system. This system allows you to heat or cool specific rooms by dividing the ductwork inside your home into zones that can be independently controlled.

That means that your bedrooms can be controlled separate from your dining or living areas, and all of the hard to cool spots in your home can be set to a different temperature.

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Adjustable Heating & Cooling in Houston

The Lee Thompson Co. has over 50 years in the industry and we have experts that can service any make or model of HVAC zoning systems. Our experts will help you to find the best equipment for your residential or commercial property, while at the same time providing the same quality workmanship and focus on customer satisfaction. Contact a specialist today to inquire about HVAC zoning in Houston and the surrounding area.

Benefits of HVAC Zoning

The main benefit of a temperature zone system is the ability to heat or cool some rooms and not the entire area. If there is a family member that prefers a colder room as opposed to another who gets cold easier and likes the temperature to be a bit more warm, this type of system gives you the ability to make that happen.

By doing so, this can help to not only save on cost but also energy while at the same time tailoring your home’s climate to each person’s individual needs. If you are looking for a new system – you may want to consider upgrading to a temperature zoning system.

Our professionals can help you to understand how a new system will work for your home. Contact us today!

Benefits Include:

  • Improved comfort and climate control
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased efficiency

Houston HVAC Zone System Replacement

The experts at The Lee Thompson Co. are able to design and customize a system to your unique needs and you can pick different zones based on your specific needs. Each zoning area has its own thermostat and controller and will be able to keep you comfortable based on the settings you provide.

Our technicians are consistently trained on new technologies and we can offer you the newest technology when it comes to a new HVAC zoning system.

Zoned HVAC System Repair in Houston

Since HVAC Zoned systems have more extensive piping and ductwork, they can be a bit sensitive. When a problem arises, contact one of our professionals and we will diagnose the issue and provide a repair in a quick and efficient manner. We strive to help keep you comfortable within your home. Contact one of our professionals today!