Digital Setback Thermostat

    ThermostatsGet your thermostat upgraded through The Lee Thompson Co today! A digital setback thermostat is designed for people with fixed schedules that take them in and out of the home. With it, you can program the temperature to ‘set-back’ when you are not at home. This feature keeps you comfortable when you’re home and saves you money when you’re not by reducing the energy needs to heat and cool your home.

    Digital setback thermostats are available in what are called 5+2 day configurations and 7-day configurations. The difference is flexibility. A 5+2 day configuration allows you to set Monday–Friday as a group setting with up to four different time settings. This configuration also allows you to set Saturday and Sunday as a separate group with up to four different time settings per day. The 7-day configuration thermostat allows you to program each day differently with up to four different time settings per day.

    Invest in Your Comfort with Thermostat Upgrades

    Your thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature in your home or business. If your thermostat stops working properly or is old and outdated, it may have difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors. Faulty thermostats can lead to wasted energy and leave you and your family too warm or too cold.

    At The Lee Thompson Co, we can help repair or replace your thermostat so that it is fully functional. We offer comprehensive thermostat services, including emergency repairs, in Houston and the nearby areas.

    Thermostat Services

    For professional help with your thermostat, contact us today.

    Professional Repairs of Thermostats in Houston

    Thermostats are small pieces of equipment, but they are an important part of your HVAC system. Our HVAC repair experts can help you fix a damaged thermostat that is negatively impacting the comfort of your home or business. We have more than 50 years of experience in the industry and our technicians are dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship and care.

    A few of the most common thermostat problems we solve include:

    • Insufficient heating or cooling
    • HVAC system won’t turn on
    • HVAC system keeps turning off
    • Outdated or broken equipment

    Upgrade to a Digital or Programmable Thermostat

    Many homeowners and business owners overlook just how important thermostats are, regarding the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. If you would like to enjoy increased control over the temperature in your home, you may want to consider a programmable thermostat. Thanks to advances in technology, there is a wide range of thermostats out on the market which can help you experience improved efficiency and reduced energy costs.

    We can help you install the following types of thermostats:

    • Programmable thermostats
    • Touchscreen thermostats
    • Wireless thermostats